Most Important SAT Words

Abhor detest   Abstruse incomprehensible   Acumen keen   Adept skilled   Adroit skillful 

Advocate to support   Aesthetic pertaining to beauty   Affability friendly   Affluence wealthy  

Alacrity cheerful willingness   Alleviate to ease   Altruistic unselfish   Amalgamate unite   

Ambivalent conflicting feeling   Ameliorate to improve   Amiable friendly   Amicability friendly  

Anachronistic out of place and time   Anarchy chaos   Anecdote short story  Anomaly unusual  

Apathetic indifferent   Arable fit for farming   Arcane known to only few   Archaic antiquated   

Ascertain determine   Ascetic monk-like   Astute keen; sharp  Augment increase   Austerity strict   

Banal commonplace   Belie to misrepresent   Belligerence combative   Benevolent good deed     

Boisterous rowdy   Bolster support   Bombastic showy   Brevity concise   Bucolic farm-like   

Cacophony harsh sound   Callous hardness   Cantankerous irritable   Capricious impulsive   

Censure criticize   Cerebral pertaining to one's brain   Charlatan quack  Chicanery trickery   

Circumvent avoid   Clairvoyant able to perceive the future   Coerce coax   Cogent convincing   

Conciliatory agreeable   Concord agree   Concur to agree   Condone to excuse Confound confuse  

Congenial friendly   Conjecture to guess   Consecrate to make it holy   Conspicuous readily seen   

Contempt bitterness   Contrive to devise    Convergence coming together   Convivial lively   

Copious abundance   Cordial friendly   Corpulence fat   Corroborate strengthen   Covert secretive  

Culpable blameworthy    Cursory hasty   Curtail to cut short   Cynical skeptical   Dearth scarce      

Debunk to show falsehood   Defiance challenge   Defunct outdated   Deleterious harmful   

Demeanor mannerism   Deride to make fun of   Derivative secondary   Desolate void; empty  

Didactic intended to instruct   Dilatory delay    Discern perceptive   Discord disagreement   

Disdain arrogance  Disingenuous crafty   Disparage belittle   Dissent disagree   

Dogmatic stubborn   Dormant inactive   Dubious doubtful   Duplicitous dupe   Ebullient excite

Eccentric strange; oddity   Eclectic to select from various things   Effrontery boldly disrespectful  

Egalitarian seek equality   Embellish to decorate   Eminent famous   Empathetic connected feeling

 Emphatic stress   Empirical based on experience   Encompass encircle   Encroach secret take over

Enigmatic puzzling   Epitome summary   Equitable balanced   Eradicate completely destroy    

Erudite learned   Eschew avoid   Esoteric known to few    Eulogy praise    Evasive hard to catch   

Exacerbate aggravate   Exasperate to annoy   Excavate to dig up   Exonerate free from blame   

Facetious witty  Facile easy   Faction division   Fastidious hard to please   Felicitous suitable   

Flagrant obvious   Flamboyance showy   Flippant disrespectful   Floridity flowery   Furtive sly   Futility useless  

Gaiety happy   Gluttony greed   Gratuitous unearned   Hackney worn out  Haughty arrogant  

Hedonistic pleasure-seek   Histrionic overly dramatic   Hospitality welcoming   Iconoclast rebel  

Impeach formally charge   Imperious commanding   Impugn to attack   Inconspicuous hard to see

 Incorrigible hard to manage   Indict accuse   Indigenous native   Indignant righteous anger  

Indolence lazy   Indomitable hard to overcome   Induction introduction   Ineffable hard to express

Ingenuous innocent   Innocuous harmless   Insipid lacking spirit   Insolence boldly disrespectful   

Intemperate extreme   Intricate complex  Inundate flood   Invigorate energize  Invoke call upon   

Jocular joking   Judicious wise  Juxtapose compare side by side   Lackadaisical lacking energy  

Lithe flexible   Loquacious talkative   Lucid bright; clear    Lugubrious sad   Machination evil plot  

Magnanimous great generosity   Malfeasance evil deed   Marred damaged   Melancholy sad  

Mercurial changeable   Meticulous precise   Mollify ease   Monotonous boring   Mundane ordinary

Nascent emerging   Nebulous unclear   Nefarious evil deed   Negligible insignificant    

Obdurate stubborn   Obscure unknown    Obsequious slavish   Obstinate stubborn   Obtuse dull   

Ornate decorate    Ostentatious showy   Paragon model of excellence   Paucity scarcity   

Penchant inclination   Penitent remorseful   Penurious stingy   Perfidious breaking trust  

Perfunctory done in routine manner   Pernicious harmful   Perspicacious keenly perceptive   

Phlegmatic unemotional   Placid peace and quiet   Plaudit praise   Poignant deeply felt  

Pragmatic practical   Precursor foretelling sign   Pretentious showy   Pristine pure  

Prolific producing a lot    Prosaic dull; ordinary   Provoke to stir up   Prudence cautious   

Punctilious punctual   Quell subdue   Quixotic idealistic   Rambunctious rowdy   Rancorous bitter   

Reclusive loner   Reconcile reestablish   Refute disprove   Relinquish to give up  Remiss careless  

Remuneration pay back   Reparation pay back   Reprehensible shameful    Resilience persistent    

Reticent reserved and quiet   Rhetoric art of language   Robust energetic   Rustic farm-like   

Sanctimonious hypocritical piety   Sanguine cheerful; red   Scintillating sparkling   

Scrutiny to examine carefully   Sedentary sitting most of the time   Serendipity happy chance  

Serpentine snake-like   Smug self-satisfied   Solace comfort   Solemn serious   Somber serious  

Soporific drowsiness   Sovereign power   Speculation guess  Stoic unaffected   Stringent strict   

Stymie hinder   Sublime lofty   Substantiate prove  Subvert forcibly put out   Succinct concise; brief  

Supercilious arrogant   Superfluous more than needed   Supplant replace   Surreptitious secretive  

Sycophant suck up  Tactful diplomatic  Tactile pertain to touch Tedious boring Tenacious diligent  

Tentative hesitant   Tenuous flimsy   Thwart prevent  Tractable manageable Truculent aggressive  

Ubiquitous omnipresent   Undermine weaken   Underscore strengthen   Unequivocal clear   

Unyielding stubborn   Vacillate indecisive   Vacuity empty   Venerable respectful  

Verbose wordy   Vex irritability  Vicarious substitute   Vigilant watchful   Vindicate blameless   

Vindictive revengeful   Viscous thickening   Vociferous loud outcry   Voluble fluent; talkative  

Voracious greedy   Wary cautious   Waver indecisive   Wrath extreme anger


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